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Offset the cost of processing fees for credit cards.

Priority’s proprietary application, MX™ Advantage for Surcharging, provides merchants with the ability to apply a payment card surcharge—also known as a checkout fee—which is an additional fee a merchant adds to a customer’s bill when a credit card is used for payment. MX™ Advantage for Surcharging helps merchants offset the cost of processing fees for credit cards and adds a new revenue stream for your business.

Use MX™ Advantage for Surcharging via a virtual terminal with MX™ Quick Pay, or pair it with the Dejavoo Z series, which is fully integrated with the MX™ Merchant. These offerings combined give you the tools needed to provide a surcharge countertop solution.

MX™ Advantage for Surcharging is integrated with the following Dejavoo solutions:

  • Z3 PIN Pad/Terminal
  • Z6 PIN Pad/Terminal
  • Z8 – Countertop
  • Z9 – 3G/4G & WiFi
  • Z9 – WiFi Only
  • Z11 – Countertop