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Your Cloud-Based
Payments Platform.
Now With More to Love.

One of the most powerful payment platforms available, now has more to love. MX™ Merchant is not just a gateway—it comes standard with your merchant account and includes these great features:

Get a better sense of your business with the MX™ Merchant Dashboard. View daily payments in real-time or breakdown payments to see what’s most popular at your business over time. Keep track of your customers’ spending habits, profitable clients and find out how much your average customer spends.

Process Credit Card, Cash and/or Checks in one fast transaction with QuickPay.

Comprehensive transactional and financial reports provide a clearer understanding of your business:

  • Deposits
  • Chargebacks
  • Monthly Merchant Statements
  • Settlement
  • Access Log

Create defaults and set preferences for: Payments, Customers, Loss prevention, receipts, notifications, team members and compliance.