Help Your Restaurant Re-Open with e|tab for Dine-In

Help Your Restaurant Re-Open with e|tab for Dine-In

States have begun to re-open, but it is far from “Business as Usual” for restaurants. As Dine-In restrictions continue to evolve, one thing is certain: restaurants require creative ways to interact and facilitate contactless orders with their customers. Luckily, e|tab is here to help with our new Dine-In feature! Here is how it works:

  1. From their table, customers scan a custom QR code that brings them into the online menu on their own mobile device.
  2. The customer is prompted to enter their table number, which is displayed alongside the QR code.
    The customer creates their order, and makes payment.
  3. The order is fired directly to the kitchen or our Order Management solution to be prepared and delivered to the table.

Provide your customers the safety and convenience they expect with e-tab’s truly contactless ordering. Accept Dine In, Carry Out, Curbside, Delivery and even Catering orders all through our single platform, designed to work for you.

Enhanced Reporting

e|tab’s enhanced reporting will break out the difference between Carryout, Delivery, and Dine-In orders, all through the same platform. Contactless ordering is here to stay, and e|tab offers an extremely competitive solution in this new emerging product market!

Ready to Get Started with e|tab for Dine-In?

 Hundreds of restaurants have benefitted from e|tab Online Ordering. Contact our team today to get started!

Want to Learn More?

Check out the e|tab website and start taking Contactless Dine-In orders for your restaurant now!

EMV and Contactless Devices Now Available via the MX™ Merchant Virtual Terminal!

EMV and Contactless Devices Now Available via the MX™ Merchant Virtual Terminal!

Introducing the AnywhereCommerce Nomad POS—an all-in-one, customer-facing device that makes it easy to add EMV Contactless and Chip & Sign to MX™ Merchant. Combining this hardware with the MX™ Merchant B2B app, Customer Vault, Invoicing, and Recurring Billing provides a complete business solution for card-present and card-not-present environments.

In addition to the Nomad POS, the AnywhereCommerce Walker C2X reader is integrated with MX™ Merchant. Using the included USB cable, you can now add EMV Chip and Contactless support for card-present merchants using the MX™ Merchant Virtual Terminal.

Walker C2X Reader

Accept EMV Cards & Contactless Payments

Pairing the Walker C2X Reader with the optional cradle allows even more flexibility by providing a stable base that attaches to your countertop and keeps the device charged.

If your internet or power goes down, the Walker C2X Reader can offer a reliable back up option by downloading our MX™ Express application for iOS and Android—at no additional cost!

Nomad POS

Android-Based mPOS • Fully Integrated with MX™ Merchant

Set-up couldn’t be easier! Just log in to MX™ Merchant and register the device. Nomad POS communicates over WiFi only, so merchants offering curbside pick-up and contactless ordering can accept payments anywhere on their premises.

Ready to Order?

For questions, more information and ordering, please reach out to us via our website form linked to below! 

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New MX™ Merchant Value-Add: Enhanced Security with Two-Factor Authentication and Self-Serve Bank Updates via Plaid

New MX™ Merchant Value-Add: Enhanced Security with Two-Factor Authentication and Self-Serve Bank Updates via Plaid

Priority Payment Systems is committed to ensuring our users’ confidential information and sensitive data are protected from fraud and online breach, so as part of our ongoing work to keep our users safe, we’ve released a new security enhancement to the MX™ Merchant Platform that provides our partners with a more secure user experience through two-factor authentication.

What is two-factor authentication and why are we enabling it?

Two-factor authentication (also known as two-step verification) is an authentication mechanism that double-checks to verify that a user’s identity is legitimate when logging into an online system. Specifically, two factor authentication helps to protect MX™ Merchant users’ sensitive information and data that’s stored within Priority’s processing platform.

When users sign into their account, they are prompted to authenticate with a username and a password—that’s the first verification layer.

Two-factor authentication works as an extra step in the process—a second security layer—that will reconfirm users’ identity using the MX™ Merchant 2-step verification tool. Upon setting up user notification preferences, the user will receive a verification code either via text message or email, and they will be prompted to enter the code in order to successfully login to MX™ Merchant.

What is changing within MX™ Merchant?

MX™ Merchant Admin users will go through two-factor authentication each time they login to the MX™ platform, protecting their account from online hackers and theft.

All other user levels will only be required to go through the two-factor authentication when they login from a new location (IP Address).

Update Banking Details with Plaid

Released in tandem with the new 2-factor security feature, Priority also launched the Plaid enhancement. Plaid works behind the scenes, allowing users to self-serve and update their banking information 24 hours a day from within MX™ Merchant. Users save valuable time, no longer being required to call into a Support team to request a bank change.

Together, Plaid and 2-Step Authentication give users the flexibility to update their account details, while providing an extra layer of protection for sensitive data.

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Priority University Announces Fall 2020 Webinar Series Lineup

Priority University Announces Fall 2020 Webinar Series Lineup

Mark Your Calendar for the Priority University Fall Webinar Series!

Our ongoing webinar series aims to equip our ISO’s and Agents with useful tools to help leverage new and existing Priority products, services, and partner offerings.

After registering for the webinar(s) of your choice, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining and logging in.

2020 Fall Webinar Schedule:

MX™ QuickBooks Sync

Join us for a look at how MX™ QuickBooks Sync automatically synchronizes MX™ customer, invoice, and payment data from MX™ Merchant into a merchant’s QuickBooks Online account—virtually eliminating the need to manually enter daily transaction and customer data, and manage multiple invoicing systems.

e|tab Contactless Ordering

TUE, OCT 13 @ 12 PM EDT
Learn how contactless ordering for hospitality can add bottomline revenue to your portfolio with e-tab’s enhanced product suite.

MX™ Marketplace Apps: Express, Invoice, and B2B Interchange Optimizer

WED, OCT 14 @ 12 PM EDT
Learn how to drive value and increase revenue by combining MX™ Merchant Apps to create tailored business solutions for your merchants.

MX™ Countertop Solutions

Discover the latest countertop solution offerings and how the MX™ product suite integrations can improve business and customer satisfaction!

Check out Priority University for Additional Training Materials!

Priority University is your payment knowledge center.

MX™ QuickBooks Sync Is Now Available

MX™ QuickBooks Sync Is Now Available

Automatically synchronize financial data from MX™ Merchant to QuickBooks Online with MX™ QuickBooks Sync!

Priority Payment Systems is excited to release the latest MX™ Marketplace App, MX™ QuickBooks Sync, our newest value-add to the MX™ platform.

Our proprietary application automatically syncs MX™ customer, invoice, and payment data from MX™ Merchant into your QuickBooks Online account—virtually eliminating the need to manually enter daily transaction and customer data, and manage multiple invoicing systems. Any merchant processing through the MX™ front-end can activate MX™ QuickBooks Sync!

With MX™ QuickBooks Sync, you now have the freedom to choose your processor, saving hundreds of dollars in processing fees, and you have the convenience of accessing all of your daily data when logging into QuickBooks Online.

MX™ QuickBooks Sync may be activated through MX™ Merchant just like our other Apps in the Apps section. MX™ QuickBooks Sync synchronizes data regardless of the MX™ product being used, including:

  • MX™ Express
  • MX™ Quickpay
  • MX™ Invoice
  • MX™ Payment Links
  • Integrated terminal options, such as the Ingenico Desk 3500, Desk 5000, and Mobile 5000
  • VARS integrated with MX™ API

Merchants MUST process using the MX™ front-end in order for data to sync.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to learn more about MX™ QuickBooks Sync and the power of our MX™ Merchant suite of products. 

Priority and Behalf Announce Collaboration to Deliver Flexible Cash Flow Solutions

Priority and Behalf Announce Collaboration to Deliver Flexible Cash Flow Solutions

Alpharetta, GA and New York, September 22, 2020 — To help businesses adjust to the disruption in cash flow due to the impact of the pandemic, Priority Payment Systems and Priority Commercial Payments have teamed up with Behalf, Inc. to provide flexible cashflow solutions for small businesses. This new collaboration offers Priority’s business customers a better way to sustain business operations by financing business purchases at checkout with a choice of net terms or extended purchase financing. Companies choosing to pay with Behalf instead of cash, check, or credit card can customize their own payment schedule for each purchase.

“We are constantly looking for ways to help our clients improve the way they manage their business operations, maintain business continuity and grow,” said Christina Wagner, SVP of Priority Commercial Payments. “Businesses are looking for flexibility and choice of payment terms when paying their suppliers. Cash flow is top of mind, and Behalf offers an elegant way to improve working capital for our 200,000 business clients across the Priority family of companies.”

"At Priority Payment Systems, we understand that our business clients need solutions for both taking and making payments. Collaborating with Behalf and our sister company, Priority Commercial Payments, increases purchasing capacity and offers versatility for our clients who need to pivot quickly to meet customer demands."

“Behalf was founded on the belief that access to capital is the critical ingredient to facilitate commerce between B2B buyers and sellers. Teaming up with Priority is an ideal way to help deliver the affordable payment processing and extended financing required by Priority’s business customers,” said Rob Rosenblatt, CEO of Behalf.

About Behalf
Behalf is a FinTech that facilitates payments between B2B buyers and sellers, providing net terms and financing that are fast and convenient. By outsourcing their net terms and other financing programs to Behalf, B2B sellers realize increased average order sizes, insulate themselves from buyer risk, and receive increased average order sizes, insulate themselves from buyer risk, and receive payments faster. Buyers benefit from access to no-fee net terms or extended financing, enhanced buying power, and better control over cash flow. For more information, visit

About Priority Payment Systems
Priority Payments Systems provides a merchant-inspired platform to advance the goals of small and mid-sized businesses. Priority’s proprietary technology platforms for resellers and merchant clients provide a flexible and customizable set of business applications that help better manage critical business work functions and revenue performance using core payment processing as its leverage point. Also part of Priority Technology Holdings, Priority Payment Systems is headquartered in the heart of FinTech Country and is one of the fastest growing payments companies in the U.S. For more information, visit

About Priority Commercial Payments
Priority Commercial Payments delivers industry leading solutions and services for integrating commercial accounts payable and a full suite of targeted supplier activation services. We work directly with organizations and in partnership with financial institutions, card networks and other marketplace partners. Priority unleashes potential value within the payments ecosystem by enabling buyers to benefit from discounts, rebates and incentives, and suppliers to benefit from cash acceleration. As part of Priority Technology Holdings, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, Priority is one of the fastest growing payments companies in the U.S. For more information, visit

All financing services are offered by Behalf. Behalf and Priority Payment Systems are not affiliated entities and each is solely responsible for the provision of its respective products and services. ©Priority Payment Systems 2020. All rights reserved.

Priority Introduces e|tab Contactless Dine-In Ordering and Payment for Restaurants and SMB’s

Priority Introduces e|tab Contactless Dine-In Ordering and Payment for Restaurants and SMB’s

Priority is excited to announce the expansion of its popular e|tab technology platform for restaurant carryout/delivery service. e|tab’s new dine-in features provide restaurant patrons safe and secure, totally contactless table-side ordering and payments functionality right from their mobile phones. This new cutting-edge technology is available free of charge to new merchants for the first 60 days through September 30, 2020.

“We know it’s tough for restaurants and small business operators striving to provide an excellent customer experience while adhering to developing public health and safety guidelines,” says Tom Priore, Chairman & CEO at Priority. “Offering e|tab’s dine-in platform at no cost for 60 days is our show of support and commitment to helping restaurateurs and small business owners navigate the evolving business landscape.”

There is no commitment following the free 60-day trial, which offers comprehensive functionality, such as menu build, setup, and training on the system. Restaurants will also receive complimentary marketing materials, including QR code table cards to help customers engage and get familiar with the intuitive new service. Additionally, e|tab is equipped to help operators and their staff navigate state regulations and social distancing guidelines. e|tab’s enterprise-level platform elegantly facilitates online and on-premise contactless orders with ease at an affordable price, making it a go to solution for all operators in today’s marketplace.

For more information and to register for the 60-day trial, please email [email protected], call 844–389–4996, or visit

Make invoicing—and business for all—a whole lot simpler with MX™ Invoice


Make invoicing—and business for all—a whole lot simpler with MX™ Invoice

Invoice. Track. Collect. It’s Easy.

Invoicing your customers is now integrated with Priority’s MX™ Merchant product via MX™ Invoice, and it’s effortless. Simply customize your invoice framework with a logo, header message, and return policy, then select a customer, enter the line item detail and click send.

Send and Receive Invoices

Sending invoices and receiving payments have never been easier. The option to accept credit card payments on an electronic invoice makes collecting funds fast and hassle-free. Simply create your invoice and hit send. Your customers can receive an email and a text with a link to view their invoice where they can immediately pay with their credit card. The payment is then automatically collected and your customer receives an emailed receipt at the time of payment.

Access Historical Data

Track the history on each invoice and any outstanding balances and as payments are received the status of the invoice adjusts automatically.

Recurring Payments

You now have access to recurring functionality and can setup new recurring profiles to make collecting from your customers super easy.

Reporting at It’s Finest

View estimated and actual collected receivables from your recurring plans to help with forecasting cashflow.

Have Questions and Ready to Get Started?

ISO/Agents may contact their Relationship Manager at (844) 225–2674 or email [email protected] with any questions or for more information.

Get Ahead of the Curve with MX™ Merchant

Get Ahead of the Curve with MX™ Merchant

MX™ Merchant has all the tools you need to keep merchants in business during the pandemic and prepare for the next phase of economic recovery.

For merchants adapting to the ongoing demand for curbside pickup, MX™ offers several solutions that can be used in both card present and card-not-present environments, several of which are offered at no extra cost!

MX™ Quickpay is the ultimate virtual terminal, simple to use and best of all it’s FREE! MX™ Quickpay even includes our secure customer vault for storing customer billing information to eliminate the need to collect cardholder or ACH information from repeat customers.

MX™ Payment Links offers a no-cost secure payments page that merchants can either link to from their existing website or e-mail to customers to accept payments. Merchants can fully customize their payment page with their logo, unlimited number of product/service types with set pricing, and custom data fields to identify customers. Landscapers, pool service companies, paving/asphalt, veterinary services and many more have found Payment Links an indispensable tool for hassle-free online payments. Now more than ever merchants are in need of a simple payments page that doesn’t require a complicated shopping cart or other integration. For these types of merchants, MX™ Payment Links is the right choice.

Adding premium features to MX™ Merchant creates even more value and more revenue opportunities for you and your customers.

Additional MX™ Merchant Suite Solutions:

Our no cost MX™ Express application for iOS and Android, paired with the Anywhere Commerce C2X reader, offers curbside and delivery merchants all the flexibility they need to accept payments anywhere. MX™ Express is EMV chip, EMV Contactless, and Bluetooth ready for use on any mobile device. And the MX™ Express App is completely free.

MX™ B2B is Priority’s proprietary technology that sends Level II and Level III enhanced data with corporate and government purchase cards automatically. The average interchange savings on Level III cards using our B2B application is 60-90bps. B2B can save your merchants money, while also increasing your margins. And best of all it works with all MX™ products including Ingenico Countertop devices (ICT 220, ICT 250, Desk 3500, Desk 5000, and Move 5000) as well as MX™ Express, Invoice, Quickpay, and Payment Links.

Our no cost MX™ Invoice is one of our most popular add-ons and includes features such as automatic recurring billing, customer vault, and the ability to attach invoices from a merchant’s existing point of sale.

Are You Selling e|tab Online Ordering?

Are You Selling e|tab Online Ordering?

Customers Love to Order Online
Now, more than ever, accepting online orders is crucial to business success!

eCommerce and Online Ordering have been popular for years, but many merchants have yet to leverage this technology to improve their business. The COVID-19 Pandemic has created an enormous spike in demand for setting up online ordering. The same merchants who are typically hesitant to use online ordering, are now ready to be setup!

Online Ordering for Everyone
Think outside of the box: e|tab can be utilized by many types of businesses!

Although e|tab has been traditionally used in the restaurant space, it has shown great flexibility to help other businesses as well. Businesses such as Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, and even Farm Stands have implemented e|tab with great success using the platform. In the current COVID-19 environment, curbside and delivery are requirements for may businesses to keep their doors open. e|tab can help businesses do exactly that!

e|tab Online Ordering Works for the Business

Curbside Pickup
e|tab’s new Curbside Pickup functionality requests the customers car color and model, making it easy for the business to identify them. Better yet, when the customer arrives, they can press the “I’m Here” button on their receipt to alert the business that they have arrived to pickup their order!

Delivery Management
Even businesses that do not traditionally offer delivery services are needing to consider it in order to service their customers. e|tab allows businesses to outline customer delivery zones, minimum order amounts for delivery orders, and delivery fee structures to help support their delivery efforts.

Testimonial: Priority Agent Success Story

Priority is structured for Agent Success! Check out this Agent Success Story with e|tab Online Ordering.

Anthony Deberry
Deberry Processing Solutions

“We created our agency to be more than just merchant card processing. Priority has many products and services that help to provide a diversified revenue stream for both agents and merchants alike. There is tremendous competition in merchant card processing for the typical brick and mortar business, and e|tab allows us to support our merchants with a modern tool that greatly benefits them. Now that more restaurant owners are seeing the true cost of third-party delivery services, an in-house carryout and/or delivery service like e|tab becomes very attractive.”

“We have used these unprecedented times to offer free consulting for our restaurant merchants. Through this initiative we have identified some key gaps in our merchants’ businesses that we were able to bridge using e|tab as a solution. Consequently, one major benefit from this endeavor is we have been able to help a number of our clients provide in-house delivery services, in addition to the e|tab carryout business we already implemented for them!”

“e|tab has been a lifeline for our restaurant clients, giving them the ability to stay open and maintain profitability during these difficult economic times. Businesses are finding that e|tab is a great solution for their online and brick and mortar shops, offering dynamic restaurant solutions in an ever-evolving industry.”