Accept More Payments with the ACH.COM and MX™ Merchant Integration

Having the ability to accept alternative forms of payment means never missing a sale.  And that’s just what you get with the ACH.COM and MX™ Merchant integration.  

This ACH.COM integration is compatible with many of MX™ Merchant’s Marketplace Apps such as QuickPay, the virtual terminal, which means accepting those face-to-face ACH transactions has never been faster.

The MX™ Invoice integration displays ACH as a payment option to consumers when viewing an invoice or recurring billing plan, increasing the chance of payment collection, especially in cases where other forms of payment are not available.  

The MX™ Payment Links integration allows links to be sent out via email or embedded in a website allowing consumers to pay with their banking information, day or night!

Say Yes to more payments with the MX™ Merchant and ACH.COM integration and increase your bottom line!

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Your All-in-One Cloud-Based Payments Platform

An easy-to-use virtual terminal, insightful data analytics, automated back-end reporting with notifications, complete user customization, and access to value add solutions to allow growth. Who could ask for more? Oh – a way to accept payments via a link? We’ve got you covered with MX™ Payment Links. No matter the merchant vertical or size, MX™ Merchant has a solution for everyone with options to grow!

Check out these valuable resources, including a fun animated video to help you visualize all the benefits of MX™ Merchant.


Why Delivery is a Must-Have for Modern Restaurants

There’s no denying that the restaurant business has transformed in the last two years. From surviving the months of no dine-in business during quarantine, reaching isolated families with vital food deliveries, and adapting to the gig-economy/remote-work culture that emerged. Restaurants can utilize a long-standing concept, in new ways, for better reasons!

Today, ordering delivery is assumed. Restaurants that don’t offer delivery experience are missing out. Not only on profit but exposure as well.

Diners have gotten used to ordering delivery, reducing their time cooking, and enjoy ordering without speaking with someone. This trifecta has resulted in the necessity of delivery for all local restaurants, whether or not this was originally part of your business plan.

Let’s look at the driving forces behind the demand for restaurant delivery today.

  1. Customers Sort Restaurants by Delivery
    The simple fact of customer access is the first reason to offer delivery. When customers search Google for types of food available nearby, they often sort by whether delivery is available to their home. Restaurants that do not offer delivery risk a drastic decrease in their visibility to online customers for this reason alone. In a time when your dinner guests want to view your menu before booking a reservation, online visibility and Google result dominance is paramount for winning new diners every week.
  2. Remote and Mobile Lifestyles are the New Wave
    The lockdowns revealed to customers and businesses that almost any item can be delivered. Today, e-commerce orders are still the dominant form of shopping, on-demand streaming is the leading form of video and music entertainment, and on-demand food delivery is another piece of the puzzle. The necessity of restaurant delivery also stems from this remote-work and mobile-ready lifestyle that grew during the lockdown phase. Your clientele may think, if items can be delivered, why not?
  3. Keep Delivering Through Hell and High Water
    Delivery directly from your restaurant is also a business continuity investment. When many dining rooms had to close, restaurants stayed open with delivery and pickup orders. Many cultivated special programs to deal with the current circumstances, and some programs that were so popular are still active today. Whatever the next great challenge, whether it’s another outbreak lockdown or natural disaster, a mobile app and delivery service can keep your restaurant online even if you become a temporary ghost kitchen.
  4. Replacing the Commission-Based Delivery Apps
    But what about the commission lost to delivery orders? Many restaurants branched into delivery using platforms like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and local variants. These delivery platforms may offer up gig-available drivers; they can also slice as much as 30% of your profits from every order and keep your diners’ loyalty and contact information for themselves.

Restaurants today face a real challenge. Many restaurants are now striving to set up online ordering platforms and access a fleet of delivery drivers – whether on the team or communally shared.

Want to learn more?  Check out the e|tab website.

Help Merchants Get Paid While They Sleep with MX™ Payment Links.

MX™ Payment Links allows merchants to collect payments night or day. Merchants may create countless customizable links with required data fields to obtain essential customer data for future product decisions and marketing campaigns. And, for quick and easy payment collection, merchants can email links directly to customers; for e-commerce, links are embedded directly onto a website for 24/7 payments.  

Help merchants realize the benefits of this time-saving solution by sending this new sales sheet along with a deep dive into MX™ Payment Links offering with this video tutorial or a quick and fun animated video.  

And to add even more value, the and MX™ Advantage apps are integrated with MX™ Payment Links, allowing merchants to accept ACH payments and save money with a fee-based processing solution, like surcharging.


Don’t miss our latest article featuring MX™ Marketplace Apps with a new sales sheet to help you create loyalty and reduce attrition with each valuable add-on App. From invoicing to surcharging, we have the tools your merchants need today and tomorrow!

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Create Loyalty and Add Value with MX™ Merchant’s Marketplace Apps

Reduce attrition all while promoting merchant growth with valuable add-on solutions available in MX™ Merchant’s Marketplace Apps. With our focus on integrating in-demand solutions, merchants are sure to find the tools that work for them today and tomorrow. MX™ Merchant provides merchants the ability to customize their platform based on their business needs, saving money on unnecessary fees for solutions they don’t use and allowing merchants to add on new solutions as they grow. From surcharging to savings on B2B transactions, MX™ Merchant’s Marketplace Apps provides your merchants with the necessary solutions for success.

Check out just a few of the Apps available in the Marketplace today.


Show your merchants just how valuable these solutions are with this NEW ASSET created with you in mind.

Don’t miss our latest article featuring MX™ Invoice and MX™ Account Updater with new videos and help merchants realize how they may collect more revenue with a breeze!


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Create Hassle-free, Customized, Professional Invoices and Recurring Billing Plans.

Create invoices and recurring billing plans faster with MX™ Invoice, by presetting your billing defaults based on your most common billing plans. Continue the customization by uploading your company logo, return policies, and personalized messaging. You can even create recurring billing plan labels to help track the effectiveness and usage of each plan allowing you to make smarter marketing decisions. And to boot, customer card and ACH information may be vaulted making future payments a breeze! Start spending more time on growing your business and less on back-office duties with MX™ Invoice!

Below are a few additional benefits to consider:

  • Send via text, email, or print
  • View estimated and actual collected receivables to help forecast cash flow
  • Reminder notifications
  • Notify customer of declined transactions
  • ACH integration option
  • Electronic ETF (electronic transfer of funds) agreement available for recurring billing customers
  • Billing history tracked

Check out these MX™ Invoice videos, helping you understand how to activate, how to create, and how to pay!

Activating MX™ Invoice
Creating an Invoice
Creating a Recurring Billing Plan
Paying an Invoice

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Do you know e|tab?

With a simple flat rate on every delivery and no hidden fees or higher menu prices for customers, e|tab combines online payment expertise with DoorDash’s powerful delivery network, providing you a best-in-class solution and commission-free delivery pricing. Priority’s e|tab platform offers innovative online ordering tools needed to run a successful restaurant business – all while helping you keep more of your hard-earned money.

e|tab allows customers to receive take-out orders in a variety of ways:

  • Carry Out: Traditional Carry Out orders are paid for when the order is placed and ready to go when the customer arrives.
  • Curbside Pickup: Optimized during the pandemic, e|tab’s Curbside Pickup feature, allows a customer to provide their car make/model and notifies the restaurant when they have arrived.
  • DoorDash Integration: e|tab offers delivery fulfillment via an Integration with DoorDash. This allows customers to place an order directly from a merchant’s e|tab site and deliver it by DoorDash. This feature comes at no additional cost to the restaurant.

e|tab also has in-house dining features to keep your restaurant running seamlessly:

  • The Dine-In feature is excellent for reducing high contact items like menus – cutting paper usage and making for easier updates. Dine-In allows customers to scan a custom QR code at their table which sends their order directly. The customer is prompted to input their table number and have the option to pay upfront or keep their tab open!
  • Along with Dine-In, e|tab is proud to release our new WaitStaff functionality! Working in tandem with our Dine-In ordering, Waitstaff allows servers to use their mobile device as an order management tool.
  • Our platform is also capable of managing order dissemination – sending orders to the kitchen or the bar for preparation.

Additional features to help your restaurant function at its best:

  • The notification function allows designated users to be notified of orders via text or email, should the restaurant’s systems go down for any reason. That means reduced customer frustration and less likelihood of lost revenue.
  • Our customer export feature allows restaurant owners to generate a list of recent customers that can be used for mass communication. Reach customers via email or text to create buzz around promos, events or new menu items.
  • e|tab integrates with your existing website, so your brand stays front and center in your customers’ minds. And the lower costs keep them coming back for more.


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Check out the e|tab website

Low on Equipment? Feeling the Global Chip Shortage? Look no Further than Priority’s No-cost Solutions!

Everyone is looking for alternative solutions. Come explore MX™ Quick Pay. MX™ Merchant’s virtual terminal, the MX™ Express mobile app, and MX™ Payment Links and learn how these offerings are the perfect no-cost solution due to the chip shortage!


How the Chip Shortage Affects the Payments Industry

Equipment manufacturers worldwide are facing a challenge that doesn’t appear to have an end in sight. Obtaining chips has become difficult which is delaying production timelines. There are many factors at play, from the COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption of supply chains and consumer shopping habits to extreme weather. This chip shortage is having a trickle-down effect on payment equipment manufacturers and equipment vendors are experiencing increased product lead times. Now more than ever it is vital to have alternative, inexpensive solutions available to ensure your merchants don’t experience an interruption in payment acceptance.

The Solutions

It’s more important than ever to plan ahead and have backup solutions available, even if a primary processing method already exists. The unexpected has left merchants with a heightened knowledge of having multiple solutions for accepting payments and Priority has the solutions needed that won’t break the bank. Let’s review each MX™ solution and the desirable rich-feature sets merchants need today.


MX™ Quick Pay a virtual terminal that tracks card, ACH, cash, and check payments, is available to all merchants with access to MX™ Merchant and only requires access to a computer and internet connection to accept payments quickly. Even if your merchant has existing equipment, MX™ Quick Pay is a great alternative and economical solution in case of equipment failure and outages. Check out some of the time-saving features found within MX™ Quick Pay:

  • Customer Account Vault allows merchants to store card and ACH payment information to be used quickly on future transactions without asking the customer for repeat information
  • Receipt Options are print, email and text with merchant logo
  • Conveniently add new customers at time of sale


MX™ Express is a mobile app available to Android and Apple users and to all merchants with access to MX™ Merchant and is free to download.  MX™ Express provides: 

  • Optional gratuity options with smart tips, auto-calculating the tip amount for the customer, increasing the probability of a tip and  increased tips
  • Receipt Options are print, email and text with merchant logo
  • Compatible printers and card readers


MX™ Payment Links are shareable and embeddable URLs that collect payments from customers and deliver a secure way for customers to pay without the need for development or direct integration.

  • Collect important customer information with custom required fields during checkout
  • Create and email as many custom payment links as needed
  • Merchants may directly embed payment links on their website, allowing customers to pay night or day!

And don’t forget to consider these premier products for growing merchants!


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New Partnership with Ovvi

We are pleased to announce a new partnership and MX™ gateway integration with Ovvi, a leading developer of innovative Point of Sales(POS) technology for the restaurant and retail industries. With this exciting new integration, our partners will gain access to resell a complete POS solution that includes hardware and software to meet the needs of almost any business environment, including all types of restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores, to name a few.

Who is Ovvi?

Ovvi specializes in complete all-in-one POS (Point-of-Sale) software and hardware systems with comprehensive services to meet the needs of businesses, including Fine Dining Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Pizza Shops, Frozen Yogurt, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores & Liquor Stores and many more!

Ovvi’s open architecture and secure proprietary Restaurant/ Retail software make it possible for business owners to perform business-enhancing functions that provide operational efficiencies, customer-loyalty programs, and flexible business reporting, allowing their business to run more effectively.

Additionally, Ovvi has integrated MX™ Merchant reporting to its back-office platform where merchants can see live transactions, batch summaries and more!

Why Ovvi?  

Check out 15 Reasons Why and a Restaurant & Retail demonstration video for a comprehensive review. 

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our Relationship Management team today to learn more about how your merchants can take advantage of this new solution.

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