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Accept More Payments with the ACH.COM and MX™ Merchant Integration

Having the ability to accept alternative forms of payment means never missing a sale.  And that’s just what you get with the ACH.COM and MX™ Merchant integration.  

This ACH.COM integration is compatible with many of MX™ Merchant’s Marketplace Apps such as QuickPay, the virtual terminal, which means accepting those face-to-face ACH transactions has never been faster.

The MX™ Invoice integration displays ACH as a payment option to consumers when viewing an invoice or recurring billing plan, increasing the chance of payment collection, especially in cases where other forms of payment are not available.  

The MX™ Payment Links integration allows links to be sent out via email or embedded in a website allowing consumers to pay with their banking information, day or night!

Say Yes to more payments with the MX™ Merchant and ACH.COM integration and increase your bottom line!

Check out this fun animated video to visualize the value!