Get Ahead of the Curve with MX™ Merchant

Get Ahead of the Curve with MX™ Merchant

MX™ Merchant has all the tools you need to keep merchants in business during the pandemic and prepare for the next phase of economic recovery.

For merchants adapting to the ongoing demand for curbside pickup, MX™ offers several solutions that can be used in both card present and card-not-present environments, several of which are offered at no extra cost!

MX™ Quickpay is the ultimate virtual terminal, simple to use and best of all it’s FREE! MX™ Quickpay even includes our secure customer vault for storing customer billing information to eliminate the need to collect cardholder or ACH information from repeat customers.

MX™ Payment Links offers a no-cost secure payments page that merchants can either link to from their existing website or e-mail to customers to accept payments. Merchants can fully customize their payment page with their logo, unlimited number of product/service types with set pricing, and custom data fields to identify customers. Landscapers, pool service companies, paving/asphalt, veterinary services and many more have found Payment Links an indispensable tool for hassle-free online payments. Now more than ever merchants are in need of a simple payments page that doesn’t require a complicated shopping cart or other integration. For these types of merchants, MX™ Payment Links is the right choice.

Adding premium features to MX™ Merchant creates even more value and more revenue opportunities for you and your customers.

Additional MX™ Merchant Suite Solutions:

Our no cost MX™ Express application for iOS and Android, paired with the Anywhere Commerce C2X reader, offers curbside and delivery merchants all the flexibility they need to accept payments anywhere. MX™ Express is EMV chip, EMV Contactless, and Bluetooth ready for use on any mobile device. And the MX™ Express App is completely free.

MX™ B2B is Priority’s proprietary technology that sends Level II and Level III enhanced data with corporate and government purchase cards automatically. The average interchange savings on Level III cards using our B2B application is 60-90bps. B2B can save your merchants money, while also increasing your margins. And best of all it works with all MX™ products including Ingenico Countertop devices (ICT 220, ICT 250, Desk 3500, Desk 5000, and Move 5000) as well as MX™ Express, Invoice, Quickpay, and Payment Links.

Our no cost MX™ Invoice is one of our most popular add-ons and includes features such as automatic recurring billing, customer vault, and the ability to attach invoices from a merchant’s existing point of sale.

Are You Selling e|tab Online Ordering?

Are You Selling e|tab Online Ordering?

Customers Love to Order Online
Now, more than ever, accepting online orders is crucial to business success!

eCommerce and Online Ordering have been popular for years, but many merchants have yet to leverage this technology to improve their business. The COVID-19 Pandemic has created an enormous spike in demand for setting up online ordering. The same merchants who are typically hesitant to use online ordering, are now ready to be setup!

Online Ordering for Everyone
Think outside of the box: e|tab can be utilized by many types of businesses!

Although e|tab has been traditionally used in the restaurant space, it has shown great flexibility to help other businesses as well. Businesses such as Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, and even Farm Stands have implemented e|tab with great success using the platform. In the current COVID-19 environment, curbside and delivery are requirements for may businesses to keep their doors open. e|tab can help businesses do exactly that!

e|tab Online Ordering Works for the Business

Curbside Pickup
e|tab’s new Curbside Pickup functionality requests the customers car color and model, making it easy for the business to identify them. Better yet, when the customer arrives, they can press the “I’m Here” button on their receipt to alert the business that they have arrived to pickup their order!

Delivery Management
Even businesses that do not traditionally offer delivery services are needing to consider it in order to service their customers. e|tab allows businesses to outline customer delivery zones, minimum order amounts for delivery orders, and delivery fee structures to help support their delivery efforts.

Testimonial: Priority Agent Success Story

Priority is structured for Agent Success! Check out this Agent Success Story with e|tab Online Ordering.

Anthony Deberry
Deberry Processing Solutions

“We created our agency to be more than just merchant card processing. Priority has many products and services that help to provide a diversified revenue stream for both agents and merchants alike. There is tremendous competition in merchant card processing for the typical brick and mortar business, and e|tab allows us to support our merchants with a modern tool that greatly benefits them. Now that more restaurant owners are seeing the true cost of third-party delivery services, an in-house carryout and/or delivery service like e|tab becomes very attractive.”

“We have used these unprecedented times to offer free consulting for our restaurant merchants. Through this initiative we have identified some key gaps in our merchants’ businesses that we were able to bridge using e|tab as a solution. Consequently, one major benefit from this endeavor is we have been able to help a number of our clients provide in-house delivery services, in addition to the e|tab carryout business we already implemented for them!”

“e|tab has been a lifeline for our restaurant clients, giving them the ability to stay open and maintain profitability during these difficult economic times. Businesses are finding that e|tab is a great solution for their online and brick and mortar shops, offering dynamic restaurant solutions in an ever-evolving industry.”